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A New Way to Read Mr. Wiggles

For my foreign fans, Italian-language Mr. Wiggles comics will now be posted daily on Internazionale’s website! They’ll be going through their archive, starting at the first one they translated. The first comic was posted today.

The End + Vol. 4

Well, it’s here: today’s strip is the last Mr. Wiggles comic. Thanks so much to all the fans and publishers who have followed his adventures the past thirteen years. It’s been a wild ride. While Mr. Wiggles may be ending, I certainly won’t be retiring from the world of comics, writing, and art. I have some projects lined up and

Annoying Orange on Cartoon Network

Remember how I said I wrote an episode of a new TV show for Cartoon Network that would start airing in the summer? Well, the show is premiering TONIGHT! If you get a chance, make sure to check out ANNOYING ORANGE on Cartoon Network at 8:30pm/7:30c! I’m not sure when the episode that I wrote will air, but I’ll be

Outtakes Pt. 2

Howdy. Last week, I shared some “Outtakes”—snippets of dialogue, punchlines, and setups that never quite found an appropriate usage in the comic throughout my years producing Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles. This week, here’s the second  installment: